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The Future Of Ecommerce Sales Is Promising…But Is Yours?

There is no question that over time, ecommerce sales have continued to rise as more and more people turn to the internet for their shopping. It's much easier to take a quick commute to your computer, surf the net for a short while, and purchase what you are looking for than it is to go out to a store for the same thing. Because of this, the future of ecommerce sales is looking bright.

Don't Sabotage Your Search Engine Optimization Company

As the Internet becomes a valuable marketing tool, many organizations are hiring a search engine optimization company in order to help increase their online exposure. Unfortunately, there are many errors that those same organizations often make that sabotage the efforts of the search engine optimization firm that they have chosen to work with. Learn more about these errors and what harm they can cause to an SEO campaign.

Organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Which Should You Choose?

Two of the most popular methods a company can use for online marketing are organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising – and these are often used in tandem. However, when a business has a limited marketing budget, which approach has the advantage and which offers a better return on investment? While pay-per-click can offer immediate results, organic search engine optimization may lead to more clicks. Learn more about the pros and cons of each of these methods.

The Death of Google Adsense And Other Myths

Recent changes within the Google Adsense program have shaken up many online marketers. Could this mean an immediate demise of Adsense is in the cards? Better yet, will CPA or Cost-Per-Action advertising mean the death of Google Adsense and contextual ads?

Latent Semantic Indexing: What Is It?

Latent semantic indexing was introduced in an attempt to improve the service offered by Google and other search engines to those using their services. This article is a must read for anyone interested in Internet Marketing.

The Promise of Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is relatively new but catching on fast. The Internet, with its ability to record behavior, is largely responsible for the increase in behavioral targeting. Marketers like targeted ads because they reach specific consumers, eliminating waste and increasing advertising efficiency. Forrester Research queried marketers interested in using behavioral targeting and found that 52 percent already use it, 17 percent are testing and 31 percent plan to test later this year. The study identified the top three benefits of behavioral targeting.

10 Steps to Creating Your Internet Marketing Plan

If you're the owner of a small service business, having a solid Internet marketing plan in place can both increase your name and brand recognition locally in your geographic area, as well as expose you to a whole new set of potential clients throughout the world.

Marketing Your Business On The Internet

How can a business that is already successful in reaching their local market extend their marketing reach online? The good news is that the traditional offline marketing that has always worked so well will still work at least as effectively to promote your online presence. The other side of the coin is that to promote your business online, the old traditions need some updating to keep up with online marketing best practices.

7 Strategies to Choosing an Effective Domain Name

A friend of mine calls me the "Domain Queen", since at one time I owned around 50 domains. I've let many of them go (I own only 22 now) as my business has changed and developed, or I've just simply lost interest in the project. I'm often asked how I go about picking effective domain names, so as the "Domain Queen", I'll share my thought process with you.

Why Your First Online Business Should Be Google Adsense

Since its launch in 2003, the Google Adsense program has revolutionized web publishing, translating visitors' clicks into money, turning blogs and websites into money making machines for millions of website owners. If you're thinking of making money online here are some reasons why your first online business should be Google Adsense.

Demystifying Your Competitorís Ranking Success

Part of Internet Marketing involves demystifying your competitor's success by putting on your detective garb because you are going to have to investigate all aspects of their website; even the deepest darkest corners.

10 Step Web Design and Development Contract Agreement

This is for web development firms and freelancers in need of a contract agreement that will assure a project will be well outlined for both the client and the developer. Written by a typical business owner of a successful web development company who has no law degree or the budget to hire a lawyer to write a web development contract. This article is written to help others who wish to know how to begin to write a 10 step web design and development agreement.

Adsense Authors: Who Are These People?

My definition of an Adsense Author: Any author that uses article marketing as a strategy to drive traffic to their website in order to drive their adsense ad revenue sales. These "Adsense Authors" really understand how to fully leverage article marketing as a strategy like no other group of authors.

Writing your Resource Box for Success

Through recent years many people have learned the secrets of Search Engine Optimization. More and more sites have seen the effects articles have done for the traffic of their sites. Some have even created sites devoted entirely to providing articles that could be read by their website visitors and have links that could lead to many sites that are related to the topics and subjects of the articles.

To maximize your website traffic through the search engines you need to focus on the Big 3 !

What or who are the Big3? They are Google. MSN and Yahoo search. This article will take you through these three search engines and what you can expect from them in terms of achieving results both in a short term, as well as a long term basis.

Analyzing the New Yahoo! RSS Report for Marketers

RSS: Crossing into the Mainstream, is a white paper on RSS usage published by Yahoo! This article analyzes the keyfindings and what it means for Internet marketers who are interested in maximizing their marketing strategies using RSS technology. Among their findings is that while becoming more common, very few Internet users are aware of RSS even if they are using it. This means that further elaboration is needed to encourage the use of RSS.

Internet Marketing Time Management.

This Internet marketing article by Ryan Ginster gives his thoughts on ways to maximize your time, effectiveness and profits when it comes to Internet Marketing through understanding the three stages of the business process and the stage you are in, using checklists and tracking your results.

Is Your Business Podcasting? Well, It Should Be.

This podcasting Internet marketing article gives an overview and the potential marketing value of Podcasting, and how to leverage this new media technology for maximum benefit. This new media Internet Marketing audio technology provides ample opportunity for businesses and individuals to leverage their subject matter knowledge and expertise to generate increased brand exposure, improved product awareness, increased sales, greater online visibility and additional revenue opportunities.

Paid Search and Branding Tools

In the ongoing effort to maximize advertising spending on paid search campaigns, companies are continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency and ROI performance. Vendors develop tools to help automate the labor intensive task of managing large paid search campaigns, but Dana Todd, CEO of Sitelab says, "Automation has not met up with reality."

Domain Name Registration - Key Tips For New Online Businesses

Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise. A well-chosen domain name registration can set you up for success with your new site in so many ways, the most prominent of these being increased search engine traffic. Here's some vital elements to consider when executing your domain name registration.

Web Copy - What You Shoud Know First

Web site ad copy is an essential consideration in Internet Marketing. Effective copywriting for the web or web ad copy is different from web content. The style web copy should be written, and how it compares to direct mail ad copy and traditonal sales copy is examined in this article by Gary Glasscock.

How and Why To RSS

RSS feeds and blogs (and blog and pinging) are part of the latest hyper-frenzy in Internet Marketing. Tools and services are mushrooming all over. But there seem to be some rather distorted ideas about all this. This Internet Marketing article takes a look at how and why to use an RSS feed.

RSS and The 10 MOST Powerful Reasons WHY You Should Be Using It

RSS is widely becoming a VERY powerful marketing tool on the NET and for Internet Marketers around the world, the question is are you using RSS to syndicate your content?

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

Copy is about using words to describe the benefits of your offer. About using words to paint vivid mental imagery. About using words to stir the senses, press all the "hot buttons" and push the reader to take some kind of action. But is it really ALL about words? I mean, just words? No.

10 Tips For Bloggers

Tips for creating a blog. There are no hard and fast rules on how to blog. Having said that, bloggers will likely increase their exposure by
following some simple blog guidelines.

Are Search Engine Submission Services Worth It
by Chris Richardson

A simple search of Google using the keywords "search engine submission services" yields 3.3 million results, while Google's SERP ad space is filled to the brim with ads from companies offering their submission and guaranteed ranking services. While many of these services and promises sound enticing, are they worth the time or money it would take to use them? The quick answer is NO. The long answer: still no, but with a better explanation

One Way Link Building Secures Long Term Ranking Results
by By Daria Goetsch

One-way link building is a great way to improve your link popularity and ranking in the search engines. One-way links are more difficult to obtain than traditional reciprocal links, but pay off in securing solid long-term search engine ranking results.

10 Easy Steps to a User Friendly Website
by By Kalena Jordan

As a busy search engine optimization consultant, I don't have a lot of time to manage my website. But recently I learnt the hard way about the fickle nature of website visitors and the damage that having a user- unfriendly site can do to a business. Now I give my website usability much more priority than ever before. Here's what happened.

Links Are All About Reputation
by Scottie Claiborne

An Interview With Search Engine Marketing Expert Mike Grehan. Linking is a hot topic these days -- anyone with a Website and an interest in search engine traffic knows that you have to get some good incoming links in order to be found in the search engines. However, most people are a little lost when it comes to landing them. In this interview Mike discusses his thoughts on links, business, and PageRank.

Using Web Metrics To Improve Your Web Site
by Eric Bonnici BSc. June 2003

This article gives an overview of the importance of understanding what our site visitors are doing at our site, why we need that information and what we should do with it.

The 3 Secrets To Successfully Analyzing Your Marketing Campaign by Shaan Yuhas - February 17, 2003

How to Design A Successful Banner Today And For The New Millenium by Eric Bonnici

Is Your Email Signature File A Fully Loaded Business Weapon? by Eric Bonnici

Use The Lead Generating Web Site Technique To Guarantee Yourself Explosive Online Profits by Eric Bonnici

How To Transform Your Web Site Visitors Into Customers With Headliner Links by Eric Bonnici

The Rule of Seven by Bob Osgoodby

The Cyber Two Step by Jim Daniels

Losing Your Visitors To External Links? by Kim Skinner



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